The 3rd Technical seminar on bitumen materials for Distributors was held on the basis of Slavneft-YANOS PJSC refinery

May 2019

The subsidiary of NK Rosneft - RN-Bitum on the basis of the oil refinery Slavneft-YANOS PJSC* held the 3rd Technical seminar on bitumen materials for official distributors.

The workshop participants discussed topical issues of quality control of bitumen materials in order to improve the efficiency and quality of interaction with end users. The main agenda of the workshop was the issue of the transition to the status of national standards PNST 85-2016 and PNST 82-2016 for bitumen binders according to PG classification.

Specialists of Rosneft Bitumen have developed PG zoning map of the territory of the Russian Federation taking into account the climatic conditions and the level of traffic load (to choose the correct bitumen binder brand for PNST 85-2016 and PNST 85-2016 (presented on the main page of the official site -


PNST 85-2016 and PNST 82-2016 is a new approach to assessing the quality characteristics of bitumen binders for road construction. The new set of indicators, which is presented in the new standards, makes it possible to assess the fundamental rheological properties of bitumen binders, this makes it possible to predict the performance characteristics of asphalt concrete at the stage of choosing a bitumen binder.

The supply portfolio of bitumen products of Rosneft is constantly expanding and has 16 product lines. The production of bitumen binders according to new standards was started in 2017. Currently, the Company produces the 19 PG brands in Russia which is in demand.

* Slavneft-YANOS is a part of Slavneft Oil and Gas Bearing Complex and is a joint venture of Rosneft and Gazprom Neft. The refining capacity of the plant is more than 15 million tons of oil annually.