Rosneft Bitumen has shipped the first batches of packaged road bitumen

August 2019

Rosneft Bitumen, the operator of the bitumen business of Rosneft, shipped the first batch of packaged road bitumen from Syzran Oil Refinery.

Packing of road bitumen is carried out in metal barrels (net 200 kg) ensuring long-term storage of bitumen without loss of its quality.

Packed bitumen can be delivered by various means of transport at any distance without loss of operational properties, for subsequent use in road construction. This will make it possible to diversify the direction of deliveries of bitumen to end consumers, including in remote regions as well as enter new export markets.

It is important that the organization of the appropriate infrastructure for receiving and storing the liquid product is not required when using packaged bitumen.

In addition, when using a packaged product, Rosneft Bitumen may not reduce bitumen production during a decline in demand (in winter) but accumulate product stocks to provide the market during peak seasonal periods (in summer).


Rosneft Bitumen is reliable manufacturer and supplier of wide range of high-tech bitumen with guaranteed and controlled product quality at all stages and developed distribution network.

The company produces bitumen materials at 10 refineries located in key demand areas which allows it to meet the needs of most regions of Russia.