October 2018

RN-Bitum LLC, a specialized subsidiary of Oil Company Rosneft PJSC, announced the development of a new line of Alfabit Premium PBB polymer-bitumen binders in the framework of participation in Road 2018 specialized exhibition.

Alfabit Premium PBB polymer-bitumen binders have a higher service life as a component of asphalt concrete pavements with durability 30-40% higher than conventional PBB according to GOST 52056-2003.

Currently, the brands developed have passed evaluation test at the pilot sites built under the auspices of Rosavtodor. In this year, on Big Moscow Ring A-108 (Big Moscow concrete ring road) federal road five experimental plots were arranged using the bitumen binders with various predicted durability from 7 to 9 years for conventional BND 60/90 bitumen and up to 11 – 20 years for polymer-bitumen binders.

Special criteria: the Glover-Rowe parameter (G-R parameter) and the Delta Tc Parameter (∆Tc) have been proposed to assess the durability and declared performance indicators.

The use of these parameters will make it possible to predict the asphalt concrete pavement service life at the stage of choosing a binder in laboratory conditions.

The proper use of these criteria will be confirmed by the results of monitoring of the road sections condition within 7 years. The end of monitoring is scheduled for 2025.

Annual testing of physical and mechanical properties of the used Alfabit Premium bitumen binder, as well as the visual test of cracking make it possible to assess the condition of the asphalt concrete pavement under conditions of intensive use and to determine the degree of binder change in this pavement composition.

Experimental studies during monitoring should confirm the high durability values of the developed Alfabit Premium PBB binder, as well as the correctness of the choice of criteria by which these high durability values were theoretically predicted.

The use of Alfabit Premium PBB polymer-bitumen binders will increase the overhaul life of asphalt concrete pavements and solve the problem of road durability.