Rosneft Bitumen took part in Avtodor Engineering vocational training

February 2020

Representatives of Rosneft Bitumen during the professional training of Avtodor-Engineering specialists spoke about new standards for bituminous binders according to PG classification of GOST R 58400.1-2019 and GOST R 58400.2-2019. Particular attention was paid to the topic of determining PG brand, taking into account the temperature range of operation and the level of transport load.

The training of specialists in the advanced training program “The system of volumetric-functional design of asphalt mixes in accordance with GOST R 58401.1 and GOST R 58401.2” was held at Moscow Automobile and Road State Technical University.

Rosneft Bitumen has developed a modern and convenient digital tool for quick and correct selection of PG-brands of binders in various regions of the Russian Federation depending on climatic conditions and traffic intensity (presented on the main page of the official website -

The choice of correct PG brand can significantly improve the performance of asphalt concrete pavements, solve the problems of residual deformation, fatigue and low temperature crack formation and ensure the quality and durability of roads.

Rosneft Bitumen has been producing PG brands since mid-2017. The portfolio of bituminous binders according to PG classification of GOST R 58400.1-2019 and GOST R 58400.2-2019 totals about 50 grades.


RN-Bitum LLC is a specialized subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company for managing the business of bitumen materials. The bitumen business of the Company contributes to the maintenance and development of the road infrastructure of Russia. The company produces bitumen at 10 oil refineries located in the Central, Volga and Siberian federal districts.

Avtodor-Engineering LLC solves the tasks of the State Company Russian Highways to increase the innovative potential of highways, improve their technical and economic indicators and consumer properties.