Product purchasing

RN-Bitum LLC sells production by tendering as well as by direct supply contracts.

Each potential consumer obligatorily shall comply with assessment procedure for correspondence to qualification requirements presented to the customers in NK Rosneft PJSC.

To complete the qualification procedure, a potential consumer is required:

NK Rosneft PJSC reserves the right to decline reviewing any application documents failing to meet the requirements of appropriate forms and without supporting documentation.

The completion of qualification assessment procedure is enough to be approved for buying bitumen products on tendering. Updated information about open tenders are placed on official website of NK Rosneft PJSC at:

In order to buy bitumen products by direct supply contract, a potential consumer should successfully pass grade qualification procedures as a “Distributor” or “End user” buyer.

You can find more detailed information about purchasing of Rosneft Bitumen products, visiting Commercial Departmen.



RN-Bitum LLC commences all procurement activities for the Company in procurement direction as well as in material and equipment supply. Main priorities of procurement processes of RN-Bitum LLC are transparency and quality preparation of all procurement procedures in full compliance with business-interests of the Company and Rosneft OJSC. In order to achieve these priorities each new potential supplier is required to pass accreditation procedure (compliance with minimal company requirements) and qualification procedure (checking process of suppliers to comply with the special Company’s requirements, confirming the possibility of timely product supply or service provision). These procedures allow Company’s procurement department to avoid cooperation with unreliable partners as well as properly and timely react to the changing market conditions within the business scope of RN-Bitum LLC.

You can find all information related to procurement of RN-Bitum LLC and all actual procurement activities here

Information related to documentation, necessary for passing the accreditation procedure in the Company you can find here.