Rosneft Bitumen and R.O.S.Asphalt Association will develop road surface production technologies

April 2024

RN-Bitum, a specialized subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company for managing the bitumen materials business, and the R.O.S.Asphalt Association agreed to cooperate. The document was signed in St. Petersburg at the annual conference “PRO Bitumen and PMB.” The parties intend to work together to develop production technologies and improve the quality of road asphalt concrete, bitumen binders, as well as develop human resources in the road sector.

Rosneft Bitumen and R.O.S.Asphalt will also hold seminars, exchange information and scientific development practices. RN-Bitum pays special attention to the production of new high-tech products focused on the qualitative development of Russia’s road industry. Co-operation with key customers and active research activities allow the company to provide the market with quality bitumen materials. Rosneft Bitumen is a reliable producer and supplier of a wide range of high-tech bitumens with guaranteed product quality and a well-developed distribution network.