Rosneft Bitumen held a client seminar in Irkutsk on the bituminous material-quality issue

February 2020

Rosneft Bitumen together with the official distributor Oil Product Sales - SPEKTR held a client seminar Quality of Bituminous Materials - the Basis of Road Durability on road construction issues.

The representatives of more than forty road construction companies and regional road management offices of Siberia and the Far East took part in the seminar.

Issues of providing road organizations with high-quality bituminous materials were discussed at the event. According to the regional experts, the introduction of innovative materials will help to deal effectively with challenges facing the road construction industry.

The representatives of Rosneft Bitumen presented the product portfolio of bituminous products specifically developed to meet the requirements of the road industry in high-quality bitumen binders: polymer bitumen binder Alfabit, special purpose polymer bitumen binder Alfabit for bridge and airfield construction, polymer modified bitumen according to the requirements of the state-owned company Avtodor and bitumen binder of the PG grades according to the new standards - GOST 58400.1-2019 and GOST 58400.2-2019.

In order to solve the basic defects of asphalt-concrete surfacings related to premature wheel track rutting, low-temperature and fatigue crack formation, within the framework of the new PG classification, the technical specialists of Rosneft Bitumen presented a calculation example of asphalt binder of PG grade for the Irkutsk region. This grade, taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region and the level of operational transport loads, amounted of PG 70-40. The release of this PG grade at the Rosneft Bitumen production facilities in the region is planned for 2020.

Taking into account the region specifics on consumption of bituminous products in the road season Rosneft Bitumen offered a solution for delivery of bitumen and polymer bitumen products in a packaged form – in the intermediate bulk containers and metal drums to ensure 100% consumption.

Besides, the representatives of Rosneft Bitumen told about the system of client services for technical assistance of sales of bituminous materials, including the selection of bitumen binder grade, provision of bitumen product samples, recommendations on transportation, storage, application, etc. Special attention of the participants was drawn to the services related to the possibility of ordering the products, according to the customer’s requirements and the possibility to design an asphalt concrete mixture produced according to the modern method of volume-functional design in compliance with the GOST 58401.1 and GOST 58401.2.

The Rosneft Bitumen event, held for the fourth time in different regions of Russia, was aimed at developing professional dialogue with end-customers in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of work, as well as to guarantee the high quality of products and road construction projects implemented throughout the country.