Rosneft Bitumen is testing the formula for calculating the durability of road surfaces

September 2020

RN-Bitum LLC, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, participates in tests of the formula for calculating the durability of road surfaces proposed by Avtodor.

To confirm the criteria of the formula, tests are carried out on experimental sites on the M1 "Belarus" federal highway, using different grades of bituminous binders supplied by LLC RN-Bitumen (including modified ones).

The experiment is being carried out as part of a joint project aimed at using modern high-quality innovative binders in the construction, reconstruction, overhaul and maintenance of federal public highways.

Based on the test results, for the first time road workers will be able to assess the durability index to determine the predicted service life of an asphalt concrete pavement with this bituminous binder at the stage of its selection. In addition, it will be possible to assess the durability of road surfaces already in use and to plan preventive maintenance in advance.


RN-Bitum LLC is a specialized subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company for managing the business of bitumen materials. The Company produces bitumen at 10 oil refinery plants located in the Central, Volga and Siberian federal districts.

Russian Highways (Avtodor) is a state-owned company that oversees and manages major infrastructure projects for the creation, development and operation of the expressway network.