Rosneft has developed a line of high-tech PG road bitumen

January 2022

Technologists of RN-Bitum LLC, together with specialists from the scientific institute of SvNIINP JSC, have developed a line of high-tech road bitumen PG-grades*. The products of the new line of bituminous binders are characterized by high performance properties and resistance to cracking in harsh climatic conditions (from +52 to -46 degrees).

The development of technological potential is one of the key elements of the Company's strategy. Rosneft pays special attention to innovation as a key factor in competitiveness in the oil market.

When developing high-tech (durable) bituminous binders, specialists used a new approach to determining the performance characteristics of the product and assessing their changes as a result of external factors. This made it possible, already at the stage of laboratory design of asphalt concrete, to determine the pavement durability parameters and develop requirements for a bituminous binder depending on operating conditions.

A new line of modern bitumens will provide the Russian road industry with high-quality and durable materials.

* PG - classification of bituminous binders in relation to their performance characteristics, taking into account the minimum and maximum design temperatures of the pavement.


RN-Bitum LLC is a specialized subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company for the management of the bitumen materials business, which is aimed at maintaining and developing the road infrastructure of the Russian Federation. The company produces bitumen at 10 oil refineries located in the Central, Volga and Siberian federal districts.

SvNIINP JSC (Middle Volga Research Institute for Oil Refining), is part of the corporate Scientific and Design Complex of Rosneft, carries out scientific research in the main areas of oil refining. On the basis of SvNIINP JSC, a specialized institute for the development of bituminous binders and asphalt concrete technologies has been established, the task of which is to increase the competitiveness of the Company's bitumen business.